news -爱游戏官网登录入口

news -爱游戏官网登录入口


breaking news! qstech, a subsidiary brand of cvte, attains hollywood dci certification, marking a comprehensive entry into the cinema led display market


recently, qstech, a subsidiary brand of cvte, successfully passed the testing for dci’s technical indicators, production and manufacturing, and quality control. it has officially obtained dci certification, as announced on the dci official website. this achievement makes qstech another company in the chinese led display industry to pass this authoritative certification. this is a milestone breakthrough for qstech, a brand under cvte, marking a solid step forward in the pursuit of innovation in film projection technology.


dci (digital cinema initiatives, llc) is an american hollywood digital cinema advocacy organization, established in march 2002. it is a joint standard-setting organization for disney, paramount, sony pictures entertainment, universal, and warner bros. studios. the main purpose of dci is to establish and document voluntary standards for the open architecture of digital cinemas, in order to ensure uniform and high-level technical performance, color quality, and film 爱游戏官网登录入口 copyright protection. it is currently the internationally recognized certification standard for digital cinema systems.


as per dci standards, all digital cinema systems and products intended for use in theaters must undergo dci certification. the dci specification also serves as the global unified standard for high technical performance, high reliability, and quality control of movie screens. led display products must meet the corresponding standards in order potentially replace traditional movie projection.


significantly differ in all aspects, redefine led movie screens

qstech has introduced a comprehensive led movie screen solution for the cinema industry, with a screen size of 10.56m*5.4m. this solution offers significant advantages in terms of display brightness, color gamut, high-definition image quality, and detail reproduction, resulting in a more immersive, lifelike, and visually striking cinematic experience.


first and foremost, it supports a brightness of 48nits and above, ensuring that the screen preserves the intricate details of both bright and dark scenes. even in dark scenes, the display maintains a sense of depth and color saturation, delivering high-fidelity image quality. when displaying high-brightness content, the screen achieves a bright and vibrant appearance without causing eye strain. it accurately reproduces vivid colors without any distortion, while enhancing the overall liveliness and immersion of the content.


in addition, it features the dci-p3 color gamut and individual pixel illumination, allowing for precise color adjustment and control. each color position is carefully calibrated to achieve a smooth and delicate color display, faithfully reproducing the full spectrum of colors as demanded in movies. this ensures visual consistency and accurate representation of the movie’s intended content.


lastly, the led movie screen system supports the standard 4k resolution, delivering high-definition image quality and an authentic cinematic experience. it brings forth a visually and audibly stunning spectacle, providing the audience with high-quality visuals and an immersive viewing experience.


make movie screen go beyond film screening, facilitate diversified operations for cinemas

in the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic, the cinema industry that has been severely affected is also undergoing a process of gradual recovery. however, this period of transition has posed significant challenges that have put the industry to the test. the covid-19 pandemic has exposed the issue of homogeneity in the cinema industry, leading to what can be described as a “race for differentiation.” achieving differentiation has become an indispensable operational highlight in the market competition for cinemas. in order reduce costs and enhance efficiency, cinema operators must now focus on creating distinctive features in their auditoriums, making them the preferred choice for moviegoers. this is a crucial aspect that all cinema operators must consider.


the qstech led movie screen boasts a longer lifespan of 100,000 hours, effectively reducing operational costs and enhancing marginal profits. additionally, it helps conserve fixed equipment space, liberating cinema projection rooms and allowing for increased sales of seating areas, ultimately boosting operational revenue.


in addition, from an operational perspective, qstech led movie screens offer high definition, brightness, and large display capabilities, which can expand the cinema's multifunctional applications. beyond film screenings, they can cater to the diversified operational needs of cinemas, including stand-up comedy shows, concerts, esports events, movie-themed restaurants, and live streaming conferences. this versatility allows the led movie screens to go beyond conventional movie viewing, creating a space for diverse applications and introducing innovative operational models. these capabilities contribute to the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of cinemas, making the led movie screens a powerful tool for differentiating cinema operations.


it is worth mentioning that led movie screens incorporate multiple innovative technologies, providing customers with an experience that is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. led movie screens adopt a common-anode power supply scheme, allowing for precise voltage distribution and effectively reducing energy loss. compared to traditional projection systems, led screens demonstrate excellent temperature performance and do not require additional adjustments to air conditioning. the intelligent power supply system can adaptively adjust the output voltage and dynamically maintain it at the saturation voltage level, resulting in better power consumption reduction for the screens.


promote the advancement of film screening technology, facilitate the localization process of the entire film industry chain in china

in november 2021, the china film administration released the “14th five-year plan for development of chinese film industry”, highlighting the importance of researching and developing cinema led screens and other technologies and equipment with independent intellectual property rights. the aim is to seize the technological advantage and break the foreign monopoly on technology. additionally, the plan emphasizes the utilization of diverse film production techniques, including traditional and virtual cinematography, to promote the establishment of a comprehensive film production technology system. the release of this plan has promoted the development of cinema led display systems and virtual cinematography technologies in china, achieving the popularization of led movie screens and the domestication of image processing systems. it is of great significance to the chinese movie screen market.


after qstech obtains the dci certification, a solid hardware foundation is built for the dissemination of chinese culture and the amplification of china’s cultural influence worldwide. this will result in china having greater leverage within the global film industry. we firmly believe that in the future, each brand under cvte will persistently capitalize on their respective strengths, continuously develop innovative display products and solutions for various industries, actively promote the localization process of display products, and enable a wider audience to immerse themselves in and appreciate the visual brilliance offered by chinese-made products.


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