news -爱游戏官网登录入口

news -爱游戏官网登录入口


cvte becomes first to sign with chuangxinhui msra to become its member


the high-profile chuangxinhui msra has recently been joined by cvte, and is the first to sign with it to become a member. the two expect to collaboratively work on ai applications and research in such fields as future education and corporate services to construct a top talent platform. it is worth noting that the central research institute of cvte will join hands with msra in researches that interest both sides to advance scientific and technological innovation.

msra is a research institute established by microsoft in asia pacific and also the largest microsoft research institute outside the usa. it was rated as “the world’s hottest computer laboratory” by well-known american technical magazine mit technology review and acknowledged as the “huangpu military academy” in the arena of ai by the industry. by dint of msra’s top research wisdom and a wealth of innovative microsoft technologies, chuangxinhui msra will gather the leading enterprises and organizations in each industry, access actual needs of different industries and different realms and build a platform that wields sciences and technologies to help enterprises and organizations improve productivity and business value and boost innovative industrial development. it is reported that chuangxinhui only has less than ten chinese member enterprises, all strictly screened by msra and cvte is the first chinese enterprise that has signed to become a member.

the cooperation between cvte and msra is believed to bring continued innovations and breakthroughs.