news -爱游戏官网登录入口

news -爱游戏官网登录入口


cvte exhibits in international top signal processing event icassp 2018


canadian local time april 17th, 2018 ieee the international conference on acoustics, speech, and signal processing (icassp 2018) was formally opened in calgary, canada. the event has gathered domestic and overseas top companies including apple, microsoft, google, amazon, didi, alibaba, tencent, etc., and renowned experts, scholars, representatives from schools of higher learning and research institutes, and included up to a thousand quality academic thesis. what earned special attention is that cvte was listed as a platinum patron together with apple and as a key partner of icassp 2018. cvte has brought its heavy-weight product maxhub effective meeting platform.

cvte is the industrial leading intelligent interactive solution provider with display and control technology as the core. tv lcd main boards are the pioneering business it started, which provides tv main control boards to satisfy each area's tv system for global whole set customers. there are two major brands under the company, one is seewo the industrial renowned intelligent education total solution and the other is effective meeting platform maxhub. relying on the development experience in display drive, signal processing, power management, human-machine interactivity, application development, system integration among other technological areas, with resource integration and product development towards application level, through technological innovation which extends and enrich product structure continuously, the company's products have been widely used in consumer electronics and commercial electronics areas.

signal processing has always been a key focus area for cvte. the company wishes to build a first class signal processing team, and use technology to upgrade electronic products' information communication experience to become richer and more efficient. in this calgary event, cvte's innovative research organization - the central research institute's intelligent acoustics research team showed up and discussed with all the most up-to-date research achievements and held a series of exchange activities. onsite in the event, cvte showed to the global experts and scholars as well as technological giants its heavy-weight product in corporate service area - maxhub effective meeting platform. it has broken the single function product logic, integrating functions of high quality display, touch writing, wireless screen transmission etc., goes compatible with multiple long distance conference software and hardware and plenty of office applications and has won recognition from all event participants.

we can see that signal processing technologies like intelligent acoustics has moved from the research area to the company area and is in fast development. meanwhile, technological result transformation and scene based innovative applications have become the new direction and development opportunities that domestic and overseas companies are actively exploring.


maxhub effective meeting platform uses cvte's central research institute's pioneering research results in many artificial intelligence areas like voice recognition, human face recognition, hand-writing recognition, etc. among them, in the audio video communication applications supported by the new generation maxhub, the central research institute has achieved many technical innovation breakthroughs in far-field audio monitoring including voice recognition, echo elimination, position estimation, beam forming, noise reduction among others. all these technological directions are the research topics of focus in this icassp.

as the most authoritative and the largest international academic conference in global acoustics, voice and signal processing, the holding of icassp 2018 has provided companies with a platform for strategic cooperation and talent exchange, promoting domestic and overseas signal processing academic exchange and industrial development. according to the event introduction, this edition of icassp has received 2830 pieces of thesis submissions which is the second most in icassp event history.

icassp 2018 has provided an important platform for chinese companies to connect and exchange with the world. in the future, more outstanding chinese companies will be expected to walk to the world stage, more technological products full of chinese wisdom will go outside and more international quality products are expected to be more "chinese", so that people's intelligent life will be all the better.