components business -爱游戏官网登录入口

components business -爱游戏官网登录入口

home appliance component


    with ais industry growth, rapid advances in iot technology and chinas ongoing consumption upgrade for smart choices, cvte has embarked on a home appliance business group  in 2014.  


    cvte’s home appliance business group specializes in the colour display control module with multiple interactive modes, and electronic control components. the application of the innovative ai algorithms such as gesture & speech recognition, and patented technology like frequency conversion algorithm enable our component products sustain competitive advantage. our products widely support many valuable brands for production of smart home appliance items, including refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditions, heat pump, and so on. over the years, various business models have evolved, original design manufacturing (odm), joint development manufacturing (jdm), and original equipment manufacture (oem), in order to meet various customer needs and drive the ai-powered and iot-connected smart home appliance industry.