news -爱游戏官网登录入口

news -爱游戏官网登录入口


a visit to pop-up stores on nov. 11 – how cvte helped alibaba practice new retailing


the “pop-up store” turned out to be the most important offline initiative of alibaba for the nov. 11 shopping day this year – the first year since it developed the concept of “new retailing.” as the first hardware service provider of alibaba for its new retailing campaign, cvte took part in the implementation of the smart pop-up store swiftly. providing “end-to-end” hardware solutions for a variety of service providers and presenting smart screen, custom makeup trial screen and many other black technology products one after another, cvte had instilled “hard strength” into this tremendous reform of retail business underway.

at g-shock, a pop-up store of casio at the mixc shanghai, a cloud shelf was embedded in the store wall. it is a product of cvte. on the smart screen rolled casio’s products on the market and displayed the brand’s most sought after items. consumers of interest only needed to click the screen to read product information and scan the qr code to make a purchase.

(casio * g-shock for the nov. 11 shopping day – cloud shelf)

throngs of people visited the pop-up store of the three squirrels at capitaland mall, xizhimen, beijing. in a few hours after the pop-up store emerged, it had created uproar. filled with the brand elements and an interesting, intelligent shopping environment, the store served as a link for the online and offline communication and a bond between consumers and the brand. this is also a common approach adopted by three squirrels for its brand ip building. the smart shopping zone that the three squirrels developed in collaboration with cvte features retailing experiential consumption and offers smart shopping experience that is warm, convenient and efficient. the store management system on the intelligent terminal platform of cvte integrates the online consumption platform and the offline shopping environment, collects user data and conducts data analysis and thus identifies the potential needs of users, which provides a strong basis for its retargeting, new product r & d and supplier rating.driven by the in-depth integration of intelligent technology, smart store is showing advantages in cost and efficiency.

(pop-up store of three squirrels for the nov. 11 shopping day – intelligent shopping guide)

to attract consumers, a physical store must create a shopping atmosphere that arouses the visitors’ desire to buy. at the pop-up store of meadjohnson at taikoo hui, guangzhou, for the nov. 11 shopping day, meadjohnson upgraded the brand ip logo, the store operations, consumer experience and marketing interactions. thus, it delivered better customer experience and appealed to all the senses in relation to the brand. furthermore, it allowed consumers to enjoy a visual experience created by the leading-edge technology, to play motion-sensing games and to use the diversified payment functions to make a purchase by scanning the qr code on the site, which ensured truly comfortable and convenient shopping. the mother-and-child room it carefully designed earned consistent acclaim from children and adults alike.the cloud shelf and interactive shopping screen based on the intelligent terminal of cvte helped meadjohnson realize o2o closed-loop trading quickly and led to greater improvement of its businesses.

(pop-up store of meadjohnson for the nov. 11 shopping day – intelligent shopping guide)

the “magic mirror” for makeup trial developed by cvte was one of the most eye-catching items at the pop-up store of the dr plant.before a customer selected and bought a product, he/she could have a test of their skin first. based on the skin data analysis, the brand operator was able to conduct a more scientific selection of the product feature, product composition and practicality that suited the customer best. accordingly, it would recommend or customize an exclusive skincare product for the customer and help him/her make wiser choices.  

(custom makeup trial screen of dr plant)

wanna try a completely different makeup? wanna choose a lipstick that matches your eye shadow? the magic mirror is what you need! through high-precision recognition of faces, it applies eye makeup, blush, eye shadow and lip gloss to a face in real time and presents a vivid, natural virtual makeup effect easily.

accessing the data terminals, the brand operators can record the process of the purchase of a customer, enter their needs, skin condition and other data into the cloud database and use those data to optimize product launch and shopping experience.

smart store is a means that leverages technology to improve a store. in the pop-up stores for the latest nov. 11 shopping day, p&g, casio, wyeth illume, meadjohnson, elf sack, three squirrels, origins, dr plant and many other brands partnered with cvte to equip themselves with intelligent terminals and develop smart stores.

now that technology has changed our lives and the internet has become an integral part of our lives, we cannot help realizing that everything around us can be made “smarter.” as the number of young consumers with tremendous spending power keeps growing, the consumption trend in the context of new retailing is undergoing rapid transformation and an increasing number of smart devices will be put into use in stores.

after all, in the future, each individual, each item will become a “terminal”. as to intelligent hardware service for retail business – a field cvte has been exploring, its tentacles will certainly be extended to “end-to-end” and it will be a big new world.