news -爱游戏官网登录入口

news -爱游戏官网登录入口


successful conclusion of the national partners summit of cvte maxhub


january 20 witnessed the grand convening of the 2018 national partners summit (hereinafter referred to as the “summit”) by maxhub, an enterprise service brand under cvte. the theme of the summit was “touch the future”. attendees of the event included mr. zhou yong, chairman of cvte, ms. zhang yan, the president of cvte enterprise services group and other core members of maxhub as well as over 100 core dealers and various partners from all over china. they discussed the industrial development and leading-edge technology and exchanged views about the latest marketing strategies as well as the product and business news in 2018. maxhub brings benefits to its partners and teams up with them to promote industrial growth.

cvte is an innovative high-tech listed company that owns several business groups such as mahxub and seewo. this time, the summit was held at the head office of ctve, so that the national partners could catch a glimpse of the beauty of guangzhou city and the company could take the opportunity to demonstrate its operations management, talents tank and technological innovation capacity.

in the morning, the partners, in the company of cvte’s staff, visited the products showroom of ctve, where they took a closer look at the dazzling black technology and experienced a number of new features that maxhub was about to release.

cvte also ingeniously delivered a variety of unique experiences at the summit. the wall of partners’ quotes, for example, records the memorable episodes between maxhub and its national partners. besides, the product-based ai face recognition system enabled the guests present to “envision themselves in the future”. in a word, the event was filled with black technology and was also full of sincerity.

at the meeting held in the afternoon, the core members of maxhub all went on stage to brief the partners present on the development strategy of maxhub in 2018.

as shown in the 2017 h1 china conference panel market report released by all view cloud, a prestigious research organization, there were at least 20 million conference rooms in china, and maxhub topped the shares of the conference panel market and claimed 25 %, a percentage exceeding the total market shares of the brands that were ranked in the second and third places. according to sun yizheng, deputy general manager of maxhub, the conference platform will embrace rapid growth from 2018 to 2020. drawing on premium upstream supply chain resources, innovative product capacity and consummate after-sales services, maxhub has every confidence in maintaining its first place in the market.

meanwhile, in accordance with different application scenarios and requirements, maxhub will continue to develop more value-added models tailored to user experience. specifically, for government agencies, maxhub developed “smart party construction”, which can be used to strengthen the informatization approaches, improve the party construction and widen the communication channels between the party and the people. for financial institutions, maxhub launched the “intelligent hall marketing program” to help bank outlets transform into light and interactive retail outlets. in addition, maxhub developed the “smart medical combo” for medical institutions, and intelligent real estate display system for property developers, to name just a few. for the year ahead, maxhub will still focus on the development of industrial applications to empower individual entities, to help promote rapid growth of the industry and to strive for a win-win future with its partners.

representatives of well-known enterprises such as 360, finereport, distrii and weiboreach also attended the summit and signed “x plan” with maxhub. the reporter learnt from li xiaoyan, business development director of maxhub, that within the framework of “x plan”, maxhub will team up with influential partners in various industries to implement industry-specific projects and share millions of accurate user resources and channel resources. members of “x plan” will join efforts in promoting the integration of brands, markets, users and products and in building up barriers with market competitiveness.

later, commendation was given to dealers that had excellent achievements in the past year, and five awards including the “outstanding partner award” were conveyed on a number of dealers from all over china successively. senior leaders of maxhub said that the company will strive to widen and deepen the cooperation with quality dealers, to harvest greater success and to touch the future with them.

in the evening, cvte invited the national partners to a hearty dinner party and show performances, in the hope that the guests would feel at home in the enjoyment of good wine and dainty dishes. applause and laughter brought the summit to a successful conclusion.

from the debut of the latest intelligent, industry-specific and scene-based product solutions to the launch of the strategic partnership “x ” plan, the summit manifested cvte’s resolution and strength in exploiting and leading the enterprise-class service market. driven by digital transformation, enterprises and organizations have been undergoing rapid change and expansion, and have posed increasingly high requirements for efficiency. furthermore, the continuous technological development has indefinitely enlarged the boundaries of intelligent business. keeping abreast of the current organizational development trend, cvte makes active deployment in intelligent conference platform, leads intelligence-based industry innovation, and provides premium service to create superb experience.

in the future, cvte will work with its partners to establish the enterprise-class service ecology, expand potential energy, keep creating values for users and achieve business success.